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A tenant solicitor represents and provides legal expertise to the tenant in any dispute or issues with their landlords. These issues can be highly overwhelming and stressful, leaving one frustrated and drained. This is where Ascentim Legal Solicitors intercede. Our tenant solicitors London will help you resolve disagreements with your landlord, protecting your rights, interests and home.

How Can We Help?

Our skilled tenant solicitors in London excel in solving any dispute and endeavour to provide a viable solution. We aim to resolve the issue without resorting to court proceedings; however, if the conflict ends up in court, Ascentim Legal Solicitors will draft a clear, effective case, providing superior representation services.

We deal with the following issues:

  • Unlawful eviction or possession
  • Housing disrepair
  • Tenancy Deposit Protection Scheme

Common Issues a Tenant Might Face

A tenant desires comfort and peace, free of consternations. The priority remains the same: values, lifestyle, and a sense of protection. Ascentim Legal Solicitors adhere to their responsibility of making you feel safe and secure from questionable or unlawful allegations. However, in certain situations, landlords may raise issues or disputes even if the tenant is not at fault. Some of the common issues a tenant may experience include:

  • When your landlord tries to evict you from your home/property.
  • When you want to terminate the agreement and do not intend to live there further.
  • When a landlord tries to evict you unlawfully in violation of the law.
  • Issues regarding Tenancy Deposit Protection.
  • Allegations regarding disturbance or breach of terms.
  • Disagreement with housing associations or local authorities.

Such situations may prompt professional help. Our tenant solicitors London reckon with similar encumbrances, having professional experience of years to assist with your legal matters.

We Understand Your Rights as a Tenant

A tenant's rights can at times be incomprehensible; it is, hence, highly imperative to grasp the terms of the contract and ensure your complete protection before signing an agreement. Our solicitors provide constructive, balanced advice to facilitate your commercial property contracts, obliging you with a seamless process.

Tenancy Deposit Protection

Within 30 days of the payment, your landlord is required to deposit the money into TPD, which by the end of the tenancy, is returned to the tenants. If your landlord refuses to return the money, our tenant solicitors London assist you in filing a lawsuit and claiming up to three times the actual deposit amount.

Maintenance of the Property

WThe tenancy agreement states that both the landlord and tenant are responsible for property maintenance. They are required to carry out repairs, ensuring all the utilities are checked, and appliances work in good condition and meet safety standards. And if the other party fails to comply, we will help you file a lawsuit against them.

Excessive Charges

WOur tenant solicitors also offer legal advice and guidance if your landlord charges extra maintenance or management fees.

Unlawful Eviction

After an agreement is signed, a tenant gets protected from unlawful eviction or unfair rent increment. In case your landlord tries to take possession of the property before the agreement terminates and fails to comply with the legal process, our tenant eviction solicitors in London devise the most viable solution to your legal concerns.

URent Arrears

Rent arrears is the money owed if you have not paid your rent. This can have grave repercussions, including eviction. However, in some cases, a tenant can defend and counterclaim.

Why Ascentim Legal?

  • Ascentim Legal Solicitors provide effective, prompt resolution if a tenancy or landlord dispute surfaces.
  • We provide expert legal advice for tenants living across London.
  • Over the years, we have successfully dealt with numerous clients and resolved cases.

Want Legal Advice?

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