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Lease Specialist Solicitors

Simplify Your Lease Process

Our leasehold solicitors have been assisting leaseholders, tenants, and landlords in London for years. Whether you want to extend your lease or buy the freehold of your property in a residential or commercial building, our expert consultation and representation services can be highly helpful in fulfilling all legal formalities. We can advise and represent you in various lease-related proceedings, including but not limited to:

  • New leases
  • Lease extensions for residential and commercial properties
  • Lease renewals of residential and commercial properties
  • Right to buy
  • Collective Enfranchisement
  • Others

Remember that whatever your needs are, our expert solicitors will perform every step of the process, from drafting new lease agreements to ensuring their execution. Whether you are a landlord or a tenant, you can be assured that your satisfaction is our primary concern.

Save Hassle and Time

With so many laws and regulations governing lease-related dealings, hiring professionals with considerable experience and reputation is essential. Lease laws and acts can be confusing and complex. No matter how many free lease agreement templates you find online, your language and understanding cannot match that of professionals. Not only will you have to dedicate your time and money, but you should also be ready for the considerable hassle should you decide to do it all yourself. Our lease specialist solicitors will save you from legal trouble, high costs, and inconveniences.

New Lease Agreements

A lease agreement is an essential document as it defines the rights of both landlords and tenants. The agreement forms the basis of every legal aspect of lease rights and dispute resolution. Our expert solicitors can help draft a lease agreement that protects you as a landlord or a tenant.

Lease Extensions or Renewals

Leases can vary from a few months to hundreds of years and carry a mandatory date for moving out. When your existing lease agreement expires, then as a tenant, you either have to move out or apply for an extension. The Leasehold Reform Housing and Urban Development Act 1993 allows tenants to acquire an extension of 90 years in addition to the existing lease tenure. This requires either a lease extension agreement or a renewal. If the landlord and the tenant agree on existing terms & conditions, an extension is applied. However, if the terms & conditions need to be changed, a new agreement or renewal has to be executed. Our professional and qualified solicitors specialising in lease extensions have represented numerous residents and landlords in the United Kingdom, so you can be sure of receiving services from professionals with an excellent reputation across the region.

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A Typical Lease Extension Agreement Includes the Following:

  • Complete details of the property.
  • Construction details by the landlord.
  • Construction details by the tenant.
  • Other details, including fixtures, furniture, machinery, partitions, etc.
  • Condition of lease agreement termination.
  • Explanation of landlord's rights.
  • Displays by the landlord.
You can contact our lease extension specialists to help you with residential and commercial lease extensions, renewals, and new agreements.
Lease Specialist Solicitors
Lease Specialist Solicitors

Lease Dispute Resolutions

Lease arrangements may suffer disputes if one of the participants breaches any lease agreement condition. Being among the best lease solicitors in London, it is our job to resolve all disputes as early and amicably as possible. Acting as a mediator between the two parties, our lease specialist solicitors can help you arrive at an agreeable solution for all parties involved while protecting your interests. If you are looking for leasehold enfranchisement, our expert team can also help you with that; residential or commercial leasehold enfranchisement allows tenants to purchase the freehold for their commercial or residential property under certain circumstances.

Collective Enfranchisement Experts

Under the Leasehold Reform Act 1967, you can sell or buy freehold or leasehold properties. These statutory procedures enable leaseholders to acquire the reversionary interest of the landlord. It also allows landlords to offer their additional vacant space for sale to their leaseholders (Right of First Refusal). Flat owners in a building can also join together to buy the building's freehold under the Leasehold Reform Housing & Urban Development Act 1993 if certain conditions are met. However, this procedure is highly complicated, and our solicitors can help you with it.

Why Hire the Services of Our Lease Solicitors?

  • A team of expert solicitors with specialisation in specific fields.
  • A multi-ethnic and multi-cultural team which can communicate effectively with people from various cultures and backgrounds.
  • Personalised and face-to-face meetings & discussions for effective representation and consultation.
  • Comprehensive services from drafting lease agreements to representation in disputes.

Want Legal Advice?

Stuck with a legal issue? Getting expert legal advice from our top-rated lawyers enables you to make better decisions, For any queries or doubts regarding our legal services please contact us.