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Conflicting interests in properties, assets, and businesses can lead to serious disputes between parties and may require resolution through negotiation or litigation. Negotiation is a preferred way to resolve a case, save time and assets, and keep the relationship from sabotaging. However, if that is not applicable, legal litigation is the next resort. Legal litigation is the most effective route to settle disputes when such cases do not conclude through dispute resolution. Ascentim Legal’s legal litigation solicitors take to litigation matters to the court and ensure conflict resolution through optimal, peaceful measures.

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At Ascentim Legal Solicitors, our proficient litigation solicitors London know the strategies to represent you in court with resilience. We seek the protection of your assets and yourself from unneeded conflicts. For expert advice and representation in any civil law disputes requiring legal action, you may reach out.

Civil Litigation Solicitors in London

OWe handle non-criminal civil lawsuits related to people relations, businesses, and agreements. As civil litigation lawyers, we typically oversee, guide, and provide legal assistance in real estate, employment, property, and family relations disputes. The most common forms of civil litigations are:

  • Education Disputes with Institutes
  • Intellectual Property, Real Estate, and Construction Disputes
  • Personal Injury Cases, Parenting, and Divorces
  • Employment, Labour, and Compensation Issues
  • Contract Breaches and Partnership Disputes
  • Issues with Landlords and Tenants

Once you contact us with your case, we evaluate your claim, go over your documentation, and recommend an approach with the greatest likelihood of success. We, however, will intimate you if we identify your case as weak and suggest an immediate course of action to settle the case. We will also inform you if the claim issued against you is not strong enough and that you might have a good defence. Our litigation solicitors issue court proceedings and manage the closure and drafting of witness statements. We guide the counsel in the trial process, prepare the court bundle and compile all relevant documentation, assisting the barrister at the trial and providing the necessary instructions pertaining to the case.

Want Legal Advice?

Stuck with a legal issue? Getting expert legal advice from our top-rated lawyers enables you to make better decisions, For any queries or doubts regarding our legal services please contact us.

Dealing with Commercial Disputes

Commercial disputes are common and can be resolved easily with expert commercial litigation solicitors in London. We provide legal assistance in the commercial domain that includes but is not limited to:

  • Lease Agreement Disputes
  • Commercial Property Disputes
  • Construction Disputes
  • Rental Payments Cases
  • Ownership Disputes Over Property

We deal in multi-dimensional litigation confrontations, providing legal advice on any dispute arising between developers, contractors, shareholders, or partners, and seek immediate settlement of the issue at hand.

Commercial Lease Solicitors London

Ascentim Legal Litigation Solicitors London

A litigation expert for your civil disputes will dedicate their services to ensuring your assets and rights safety. Our professional experts strengthen your case in court and are endowed with curiosity, credibility, civility, and a competitive spirit.

  • We look into both sides of the story and ascertain the root causes of a dispute while ensuring the authenticity of the defendant and treating you as a trusted partner.
  • We house a credible team of lawyers with years of expertise in defending our clients. Our clients place their trust and confidence in our ability to defend their court cases resiliently. We strive to reinforce that trust and defend them fervently.
  • Our lawyers, mastering the rhetoric, solidify your arguments and position in the lawsuit.
  • Our team of litigation solicitors takes on challenges and seeks justice for their clients, regarding it as part of their competitive spirit.
  • We house a diverse team of solicitors with the ability to communicate in several languages, such as Bengali, Hindi, Urdu, and Spanish.

Why Ascentim Legal?

We, at Ascentim Legal Solicitors, are a well-established and renowned boutique law firm, situated a short distance away from central London. We offer a wide range of services, expertise, and advice concerning legal disputes, defending our clients in civil courts to protect their families, assets, and companies. We have defended and saved companies from liquidating. Our commitment, communication in several languages, time efficiency, and reasonable price are a few aspects you will not want to forgo. We prioritise convenience, cost-effectiveness, and client-focused discussion to resolve disputes successfully.

Want Legal Advice?

Stuck with a legal issue? Getting expert legal advice from our top-rated lawyers enables you to make better decisions, For any queries or doubts regarding our legal services please contact us.