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Residential properties’ buying and selling, rental arrangements, lease transactions, and dispute settlements are some of the legal challenges faced by residents in the United Kingdom. Each of these issues carries a long list of laws and regulations to comply with if you desire to say out of trouble.
Whether you are a tenant, landlord, buyer, or seller, you must ensure that the legal documents cover and protect you and do not compromise your position. Our residential property solicitors in London are equipped with professional qualifications and a wealth of experience in dealing with residential properties, including apartments, houses, etc. Some of the services we provide include:
Our housing lawyers particular expertise in:
  • Conveyancing for residential properties (leasehold, freehold).
  • New lease agreements, extensions, and renewals.
  • Resolving landlord & tenant disputes.
  • Dispute resolution between residents and housing societies.
  • Representation for unlawful eviction.
  • Complete drafting and execution of legal documents.
  • Others
Residential Property Solicitors London

Conveyancing Services for Residential Properties

Buying and selling a property can be a stressful task: You have to find the right buyer or seller; you have to market your property and make sure that the transaction is entirely legal; you also have to ensure that the sale & purchase agreements and all other legal documents are perfectly drafted and executed to ensure that you are protected. Conveyance involves the transfer of title/ownership and all relevant documents of a property from the seller to the buyer. There are two steps involved in this process: exchange of contracts and completion. The exchange of contracts involves creating equitable interests, while the completion stage involves passing and merging legal titles and equitable rights. Whether you are buying a leasehold or freehold residential property, you can count on our expert solicitors for the preparation and execution of all legal documents and formalities that protect your interest.

Our Conveyancing Service Will Include:

  • Drawing up Contracts: The first and the most important step in any property transaction (sell, buy, rent) is drawing up the legal contract.
  • Legal Advice: We provide legal advice on special clauses, conditions, etc., which would be part of the contract, protecting you in case of disputes.
  • Dealing with Registry of Deeds or Land Registry
  • Funds Transfer
  • Others

Residential Lease Transactions

You will need a new lease agreement if you are purchasing or selling a leasehold property. If you seek to extend your current lease without making any changes to the agreement, you need a lease extension, and if you seek to renew your current lease with some changes, you need a lease renewal. All these agreements require negotiations with your landlord/tenant and thorough knowledge of laws on lease agreements. Our London residential property solicitors can help you draw agreements for new leases, extensions, and renewals.

Dispute Resolutions

YOur residential property dispute solicitors in London offer advice and mediation for resolving disputes on several issues concerning residential properties. These may include unlawful eviction, claims against rent arrears, breach of agreements, problems with housing societies, and any other special legal circumstances you find yourself in. The first responsibility of our solicitors is to find an amicable solution to every dispute while ensuring that our clients are protected and their rights are not violated.

Remote Legal Services

If you are looking forward to buying or selling a property in London but need help to make yourself physically present, we can provide you with remote services. You can trust us to give you the best advice, consultation, and legal services to meet all your legal needs and requirements. We ensure your rights are protected at all times. Whether it pertains to remortgaging services, sale & purchase, lease, etc., you can expect the utmost commitment and dedication from our solicitors.

Why Choose Us?

  • Highly qualified and professional residential property solicitors in London.
  • We have separate teams for different legal requirements, including residential property, commercial property, immigration, traffic, etc.We provide legal advice on special clauses, conditions, etc., which would be part of the contract, protecting you in case of disputes.
  • We have an in-house team of solicitors who belong to various cultures and can communicate with you in several languages.
  • We have worked for countless individuals and businesses. Read our customer reviews to learn about our service quality.
  • Our solicitors are well acquainted with the relevant laws and keep themselves up to date with ongoing developments.

Landlord & Tenant

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